Home Alone: my parents' house as a space for a residency program, 2015 - now

Marwan: studio as a space for exhibitions, 2016 - now
Video as a space for thinking: Chapter 1
Untitled (ashtray) for 'Let's see, where were we? In the pit of despair.'
De Ateliers, Amsterdam Art Weekend, Nov. 2017, photo: Mike Pratt
Objects: costumes (spaces)
Aug. 2018: obtained MA "Art Praxis" at Dutch Art Institute
& performed a graduation act amidst 23 peers at State of Concept in Athens, GR

Toast: for the movie A Piece of Dada (Première June 2, 2018, Athens, GR.)
Vehicle: for Chapter 3 (vehicles: on public space and private space, or "when daily life gets crashed into") 2018
(e-mail me for passwords)
& Chapter 3 2016 - now
Sept. 8-Oct. 7, 2018: Christiane Blattmann with Die Gehaltene Hand at Marwan!
September 21, 2018: Amsterdam, NL premiere of
A Piece of Dada, at FLAM festival

August 2018: Marwan has moved to Fokke Simonszstraat 12, Amsterdam, where we operate as an artist-run project space under the generous wing of AKINCI
collective movie made in cooperation with If I Can't Dance for DAI's study group Opera Corruption, 2018: e-mail me for a link to the 30 min. movie
↑ ♥️ typography © Gaile Pranckunaite & Mislav Zugaj
Nov. 23-Dec. 21 '18
Heaven and Earth
by Emilia Bergmark
at Marwan
Feb. 15, 2019
Olga Micińska
at Marwan
at Marwan:
Philipp Gufler
under construction